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Upholstered furniture manufacturer

For 40 years, we have consistently designed and produced upholstered furniture according to the finest craftsmanship arts.

Ramaro is the well-organised and fully equipped factory – and the appropriately selected professional suppliers – by which we achieve the extraordinary work results valued by our partners worldwide.

What can we do for you?


Do you have a product idea? Let us implement it intoproduction and help you lower production costs.


Pick a product from our assortment. Together we tailor it to your customers' needs.


Want to optimise your product? Follow the lead of Ramaro technologists.


All begins with a conversation

Let’s talk. We’ll give you all you need to know about our factory, furniture design and manufacturing process. We are flexible and committed to business partnerships so that you can expect a prompt and professional reply.

We value your time – that’s why every customer has direct contact with us. We don’t leave even the most challenging enquiries unanswered for longer than the lunch break!

Or call us directly tel. +48 518 543 875

Jacek Krempiński

Regional Sales Manager

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    To whom do we work?

    To those who - just like us - value professionalism, quality and high-level business relationships. We do not impose rigid boundaries on cooperation yet consider each partnership individually.

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      Your idea. Our design.

      You know precisely what you need – but there’s no place to find it?

      Or perhaps – you don’t know what you’re looking for yet, but it has to meet exact demands of function or size? You’re in the right place. Explore the capabilities of Ramaro’s R&D department.


      ISO 9001:2015 certification

      Our products’ reliable timeliness and high quality are confirmed not only by the satisfied customers but primarily by the international ISO 9001:2015 certification and our dedicated quality department.

      We always ensure that the products departing our factory are of the best quality. Through this certification and the third-party audit coverage, you save time from inspecting our factory on-site. 

      In addition, we regularly provide you with quality reports generated under the ISO standard. However, if you decide to visit our factory – it would be our pleasure to show you our professional production structure and dedication to the smallest furniture details.


      Let's get together!

      We well understand that you simply can’t offer your customers something that you haven’t first tested yourself. To give you a first-hand experience of Ramaro’s true quality, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms – or to request a furniture sample delivery. Discover our furniture. Take a seat. Touch. Feel. And make sure it is the right choice.

      Got any questions?