Ramaro company

was founded by Marian Jóźwiak in 1982. Initially the company was engaged in production of clothing for demand ing clients. With time they decide to switch their production into furniture. Marian Jóźwiak educated his sons Radosław and Robert based on his own aged experience, solidities in business and willingness to create something beautiful. Ramaro become stable company manufactures couches, and stunning sofas. Today company is managed by three skilled professionals – the sons of the founder, and their third brother in law Albert. The objective of the company, first and foremost is customers satisfaction, and fulfillment of his secrets dreams – both in term of aesthetics and convenience. Because of that, there is positlity of order furniturere under the individual taste and size of customer.

Why us ?



We are experts in making furniture according to individual and personal desires of client. Every piece of furniture in our collection we are able to adjust to our customer – both in terms of dimensions and form, furniturere cover or it’s color. Thanks to that, every buyer / customer / client is actively involved in it’s production precess becoming a kind of author and designer of the product, thus creating the brand of our company.



As a producer of furniture we put special attention to a quality of our product, because they are a statement of our manufacture. Therefor, to produce we use the highest quality, tested in the production process, certified materials, fabrics, foam, upholstery and silicone fillings. We follow European standards, so most of the furniturere are elements needed for the production of modern furniture are imported directly from European Union. This is the secret of the quality of our exclusive couch, comfortable corners and others furniture that make our company’s brand synonymous with durability.



At the request of the customer we guarantee the transport of purchased furniture to the indicated address, according to the contract. The execution of any such order is preceded by information on the intended delivery date of the product. The costs associated with the transport of furniture are presented in a separate price list.



For all our products we provide a 24 month warranty. All details of the conditions are given in the Guarantee Card attached to the contract. During this two year period we accept complaints, which can be sent to us by email. At this time, you will receive a complaint form, which is legally completed, should be sent to mail ramaro10@wp.pl. Well, if you add still images to the problem you are reporting. You will receive a reply within 14 days by e-mail or phone with information on how the reported case will be resolved. We take every application seriously and do not leave it unresolved.



The idea behind the company is that every piece of furniture was manufactured in their own individual way, unique and unrepeatable, and thus perfectly hit the customer needs. Our crafting style of furniture gives our customers unlimited possibilities in the interior design of their home, because it can choose any color, size, but also design furniture according to their own ideas, both in terms of solutions and finishes. As a result, it becomes the owner of the original product. Handicrafts, as opposed to those produced in tape, distinguish primarily the care of the workmanship and refinement of each detail. Moreover, the service of this product is also much easier, also due to native production.



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